admin on January 18th, 2017

Title: Revenge
Summary: Ragnar’s plan comes to fruition; the Viking army lands on the coast of Northumbria.
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admin on January 17th, 2017

Title: Blitzkrieg
Summary: Running out of time, Scott, Lydia and Malia decide to storm the rift in a desperate attempt to get Stiles back. Liam, Hayden and Mason make a deal with Theo in order to learn Douglas’s real plan.
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admin on January 16th, 2017

Title: Week 3 (S21)
Summary: After Nick drops a bomb, sending Liz home, and comes clean to the rest of the women about his romantic tryst with her, he is anxious that some of them will decide to leave. There are those ladies who decide to give him a piece of their mind about the situation, but one bachelorette has some other outrageous plans for Nick. After the rose ceremony, three women are questioning why they were let go. In one of the most outrageous date-card deliveries ever, The Backstreet Boys pay a visit to the Bachelor Mansion, looking for the seven lucky bachelorettes that get their dream date. Nick takes one stunning woman on a date that is strictly out of this world – on a Zero G plane. An energized Nick invites seven ladies to join him and three celebrated Olympians – Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix and Michelle Carter– who will help train the women to compete in the “Nickathalon.” More surprises are in store for the remaining women, and Nick, who once again incurs the ire of his potential soul mates by his uber-sensual behavior.
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admin on January 14th, 2017

Title: The Final Problem
Summary: In the final episode of this series, written by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, long-buried secrets finally catch up with the Baker Street duo. Someone has been playing a very long game indeed and, alone and defenceless, Sherlock and Dr Watson face their greatest ever challenge. Is the game finally over?
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admin on January 13th, 2017

Title: Warhead
Summary: Zeb and Chopper bring a damaged droid found in the Atollon wilderness back to base, only to discover that the droid is a new Imperial probe programmed to spy on and destroy rebels.
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admin on January 12th, 2017

Title: We Have History Together
Summary: Stefan and Damon attend an anger management support group looking for their next victim. Sybil is still alive and teaching a group of high school students who she’ll later use as leverage to get Caroline to locate a historical artifact that can be used against her. Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon continue their commitment to Cade as they test the morals of a young doctor, Tara.
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admin on January 11th, 2017

Title: The Great Army
Summary: The Viking army begins to gather in Kattegat; Lagertha must remain vigilant in the absence of her son, Bjorn.
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admin on January 10th, 2017

Title: Heartless
Summary: Scott and Liam attempt to capture a Ghost Rider, while Malia and Peter search for a way into the Wild Hunt.
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admin on January 9th, 2017

Title: Week 2 (S21)
Summary: As Nick continues his search for love with the 22 remaining beautiful bachelorettes, Liz is particularly anxious: she is keeping a tumultuous secret about her romantic past with the Bachelor. Twelve other women are excited to dress up for their own wedding photo shoot with their “groom,” Nick. Danielle M. snags the first one-on-one date of the season, as the couple helicopter to a steamy hot tub aboard a yacht. Six women get to act out a dramatic and sometimes funny “break-up” with Nick at Los Angeles’ Museum of Broken Relationships, but it is the weight of Liz’s sexy secret that throws everything into disarray. Will one night of passion in the past derail Nick’s chances at a happily ever after from the start?
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admin on January 7th, 2017

Title: The Lying Detective
Summary: Sherlock faces perhaps the most chilling enemy of his long career: the powerful and seemingly unassailable Culverton Smith – a man with a very dark secret indeed.
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